March 11th, 2013 by vdaze

Update: I am thankful to say I received another email from the person who originally intended to hold me accountable for the actions of the MissMollly account. The email stated that they were misinformed about the owner of the account, and they simply wish for the account to stop the harassment. I think that’s fair.


I am not “MissMollly” or any variation of the MissMollly name, nor do I have any knowledge of who is behind the account.

I don’t own an Android device (and never have), and I’m on east coast time. These basic facts should be considered before coming to a conclusion. Look at the source and timing of the tweets. It’s not rocket science.

I have been informed by someone tweeting the address of my employer in response to the MissMollly account (because they believe it is me), that the distribution of this information will continue until the MissMollly account reveals their true account, identity or deletes the account. I have also been informed that “whatever happens as a result [of my information being distributed] is what happens.”

So there you go.

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