Response to Burn Notice

Shoq, I’ve sent everything I have about your little problem to the FBI.

6 Responses to “Response to Burn Notice”

  1. Matt Osborne (@OsborneInk) Says:

    This is it? This is your damning evidence? AHAHAHAHAHA

  2. vdaze Says:

    Of course not, silly. It’s just a tiny, TINY snippet.

  3. meadowgirl Says:

    you go on, girl. fuck these stupid ass nosy bitch haters.

  4. Matt Osborne (@OsborneInk) Says:

    I just finished reading the entire IM exchange, and I am still laughing.

  5. vdaze Says:


  6. Mr. Duck Says:

    I remember Osborne when he used to leave racial slurs on my twitter account. He’s a complete tool box. But really, why battle Matt on this? He’s a moron. The internet isn’t real life. If you ignore him, he’l go away. If he doesn’t, sick the cops on him. That’s my suggestion at least.

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