I am not a witch, I’m Shoq

Note: This post was written at a time I was defending someone I should not have defended. I must own the content, but I do wish to point out that the people contained herein have been misrepresented by me. I sincerely apologize to each of them, because they did not deserve my hurtful words.



I mean, just…seriously?! You’re starting this dumb shit again that I don’t actually exist and I’m just a Shoq sock account? Do you EVER fucking learn?

This bullfuckery is just comical. When all else fails, just start spreading the rumor I’m not a real person, eh? I hope you’ve got some kickass evidence to back up your asshattedness. I really didn’t think you could make yourself look even more stupid than you already do…congratulations, I guess.

Now run along and protect your tweets, you fucking coward.

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  1. Blue Eye Says:

    So all those times we talked on the phone were … WTF is wrong with these psychopaths? Just like teabaggers they accuse others of doing what they themselves are guilty of doing. Asshattery.

  2. dellalee Says:

    I miss your particular flavor of sanity and savvy and smarts.

  3. vdaze Says:

    No kidding. These assholes have to reduce me to a sock account, it makes them feel better about acting the way they do. Because they’re so “kind”. ACK.

    They are sick, sick, sick.

  4. Zoey Says:

    I went to high school many years ago. I did not play these silly games then & I won’t play them now. Furthermore, I signed onto Twitter for information, exposure to new ideas, and to “meet” interesting people that I would never have the opportunity to meet.

    My first 2 years on Twitter were great. Til I pissed Rebecca York [@Beccay2] off about 6 weeks ago. Now she & her Flying Monkeys, snark at me, insult me, call me names, slander me & commit libel against me. Constantly. They are adults. They should know better.

    Question. Who should remain on Twitter, the trouble makers or the victims of their smear campaigns? You tell me…

  5. DVnix Says:



  6. LbrlOkie77 Says:

    She is just out right nuts. What the hell is a black matte kitteh?

    You do not deserve this kind of harassment or anyone else. l. I am sorry to all that have been harassed.

    I believe we can all send a letter to twitter and ask for them to be removed from twitter. I will check on this as I know they have done this for someone else.

    I hope you are well.

    Peace & Love

  7. vdaze Says:

    She’s referring to Shoq. I’m sick to death of Becky, I don’t know why she can’t just leave me alone. She starts this shit, then I respond, then she acts as though I’m attacking her.

    I’m done.

  8. LbrlOkie77 Says:

    You have not even been on twitter. You are done with twitter?

  9. vdaze Says:

    Until whenever, yes :-)

  10. JeedBe (Donna) Says:

    I realized that you were missing a few days ago & wondered what happened. I’ve read the tweets & posts & am very sorry that you & Shoq are going through what I describe as childish games. Please reconsider your absence & just don’t bother with all this type of garbage. I have very few followers and don’t spend my life on Twitter..it is mostly for information and links, but it didn’t take long to see the negative side. Hope you return soon!

  11. DVnix Says:

    Why did you skip out on your interview with Piers Morgan, then?


  12. Milt Says:

    What is it about the Internet that turns a number of supposedly grown people into middle school children?

    Google has the right idea. They’re starting to clamp down on phony accounts, and they’re going to limit anonymity to a degree. Anonymity is what gives the biggest pussies on the planet so much “courage,” ya know.

    Don’t let assholes get you down.

  13. AbrashTX Says:

    I’ve been trying to follow this from ABL’s Twitter feed… I’m so sorry this person is behaving this way toward you. Did something set her off, or is this just random harassment? That email was just mind-boggling!

    BTW, not sure how much press this has received in the U.S., but Montreal police just arrested a man, Dennis Markuze, who had been harassing ppl on line for close to 20 years. He finally threatened someone in Montreal and even sent harassing tweets to the Montreal police dept! Anyway, I hope you are able to resolve this awful situation.

  14. vdaze Says:

    Thank you. What set her off was that I unfollowed her after I saw evidence she was acting one way to someone’s face, and a different way behind their back. I just don’t like fake people. She made a big deal out of my unfollow, and she just won’t let it go. She needs professional help. Her email to ZoeyGirlz (at least, the one I have on my blog – there have been others) is just inexcusable.

    I haven’t been following the Montreal story – thanks, looks like an interesting read.

  15. AbrashTX Says:

    So y’all are mortal enemies now bc you unfollowed her. o_O Oooookay. That is really disturbing.

    Here’s a great rundown of the Markuze saga. He is being held for 30 days in a psych facility for evaluation, which is totally the best thing that could have happened to him.

  16. vdaze Says:

    Exactly. It’s creepy.

    Thanks for the link re Markuze – will be interesting to see what comes out of the psych eval.

  17. My1BlueEye Says:

    I just realized … that tweet you copied up there? Guess who that psychotic mental patient was referring to as being on ‘vacay’? Yup, that would be me. Those two together are the two legs of a pair of crazy pants. Those nuts are so rotten squirrels wouldn’t touch them.

  18. vdaze Says:

    Yep, of course it was you. She’s a vile human being.

  19. DVnix Says:

    Anyone else get the feeling that the subject tweet was punctuated by an internal “over and out,” complete with walkie-talkie squelch?

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