To the Weiner in all of us

I’m loathe to write an entry on this, but fuckit – we’ll do it live.

I don’t care that Anthony Weiner sent pictures of his crotch / chest / girly arms / navel lint / whatevah to women on the internet. He’s not the first to do it, and he won’t be the last. The fact that Weiner likes to get randy online does absolutely nothing to change my opinion that he’s fundamentally a good person with political views that largely align with my own.

At this point, it’s not clear if Weiner broke any laws, but if he has then I believe he should be punished appropriately. It won’t surprise me in the least if the House Ethics Committee finds he used government resources to participate in these online interactions, if not exclusively, then at least partially. Weiner messed up. Spectacularly.

Should Weiner resign? As I tweeted on Monday, unless Weiner is shown to have broken the law, his wife and his constituents will make the call. At some point the damage from this situation may become too much of a liability (for Weiner and the Democratic Party), and it may make more sense for Weiner to step down. It’s a difficult thing to assess in the immediate aftermath of such an embarrassing and cringe-worthy event.

I hate that Anthony Weiner lied to cover up what he did. I just hate it. But I also have a hard time with those ready to string him up in Times Square and crotch-punch him until we feel he’s sorry enough and deserves to continue living among the suddenly-and-conveniently-very-self-righteous. The Logical Fallacy Brigade has come out in force about Weiner, shouting from the Twitter hills that because he lied this time, Weiner must be lying about everything. How can we possibly trust him? To Times Square for the public crotch-punching! *sounds trumpet*

To these people I say get a grip.

I have no doubt Weiner considered the damage this situation would do to his political career, but I don’t believe for one second that this was the main driving force behind his initial story that he was hacked. Weiner lied because he was busted doing something that could destroy his marriage, and completely humiliate him and the woman he loves. Did he wish he was never caught? Of course. But for anyone who has been busted doing something their significant other wouldn’t approve of, get off your high horse and just admit that trying to cover up your guilt was the first thing that crossed your mind. Weiner tried to do that, and he failed miserably. He will have to live with the consequences.

Stop trying to pretend you’re above human nature, and give the guy a fucking break. Weiner lied, he’s not a full-time liar.


12 Responses to “To the Weiner in all of us”

  1. theMJMiller Says:

    I’m one of the (stubbornly, and unhappily–wish I wasn’t!) overly self-righteous on lying, but I agree with most of your points. Well stated.

    In my defense, I don’t conclude he’s a habitual liar because he lied once or twice. I conclude so because he has a history of at least several years of lying to his wife. Perhaps that’s the extent of his lying, but combined with the ease with which most national politicians lie, I suspect not.

  2. ByePluto Says:

    I STILL think this is just funny. A congressman named Weiner tweeting pics of his… Johnson? I hope this becomes a trend.

    And yes, I have the maturity of a fourteen year old.

  3. vdaze Says:

    Yes, but that’s why we love you :-)

  4. Extreme Liberal Says:

    Beautifully said. This next generation better get used to it, they’ve been sending pictures of themselves since they were teenagers. In the future, only the puritans will be qualified for public office in the court of public opinion. The hypocrisy is just amazing too, these same people probably watch Two and A Half Men in syndication and have lunch with David Vitter on Wednesdays. In diapers I would assume.

  5. vdaze Says:

    Exactly. That’s also what gets me about when the left goes into concern troll overdrive when similar things happen on the right. Unless there’s law breaking involved, or misuse of government / supporter resources, I just think we need to be careful of how we react. It puts us in a very difficult position when this type of thing happens to one of our own.

  6. Margot Says:

    He hasn’t been lying to his wife for years, he hasn’t even been married a year yet.
    Name one person who hasn’t lied to his or her parents or spouse…over and or concerning serious topics. We lie often to those for whom we care the most and have the strongest desire to protect. That’s a fact of life. It’s not an excuse or a rationalization, just a plain and simple fact. We are all flawed human beings, and struggle with our flaws and are pained when those we love and respect most in the world are made aware of them; are hurt by them. But how I react to my husbands flaws or my children’s flaws has nothing to do with anyone else, and human
    beings are the sum of their choices and actions over the course of a lifetime, not one err in judgment or even a period of stupidity. Weiner has served his constituents for 12 years. He has been repeatedly re-elected. He is newly married after a lifetime of bachelorhood and is clearly still struggling with the awesome committment of marriage–as most Americans have, as majority of Americans have failed at…just look at our divorce rate. I thought he was very brave and contrite at his press conference. The idea of the press being “outraged” at his lies is to me laughable. Where was their outrage when the American people were lied to about Iraq? About how safe it was for first responders at Ground Zero? About the banking scandals and our 401Ks? Weiner has done what other Democratic congressmen haven’t had the courage to do: call these people out on these issues that actually affect real American people and others. I care more about that then some kinky Internet fetish he has. He lied for the same reason we all lie: he was embarrassed, he wanted to protect his wife from the truth about his failings, he panicked. I know Weiner is a Jew and his wife is Muslim, I am Catholic and my over-riding example of how to deal with this is , what would Jesus do? We have several examples from the New Testament to explicitly answer this question for us Christians…if he broke laws, yes as a lawmaker he must go. Otherwise these are serious times with serious problems to solve. Weinergate is not one of these national problems, in my opinion.

  7. vdaze Says:

    Very well said.

  8. nothinbettah2do Says:

    Very well put~Taking pictures of your erect penis and tweeting them to porn stars is fairly normal in political circles I guess? I bet he stress and embarrassment of the investigation will most likely lead to him resign. Although, the same situation never stopped Clinton.

  9. vdaze Says:

    The occupation of the person on the receiving end is completely inconsequential, sometimes hot girls are porn stars / strippers. Shock! Does it change anything? Not really.

    The cards will fall how they fall.

  10. nothinbettah2do Says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m a very proud Progressive, AND I always LOVED what he had to say. I’m just disappointed in him and his tacky not to mention stupid, careless behavior for someone in public office. it was even kinda white trashy, (though he’s Jewish, but not practicing…) I really feel badly for his wife and how he’s embarrassed her and their families. Now he’s got to really look at himself and maybe seek some help.

  11. vdaze Says:

    It’s stupid, tacky behavior for anybody – but he’s human. He messed up. You’ve every right to be disappointed in him, I can understand that.

  12. Mattytheglue Says:

    Excellent! And well said. For me it’s just a HUGE bummer when someone who represents much of the things I believe in–at a time when there a plenty who
    do not, and are doing their darndest to lie and cheat to get their way— screws up like this. COME ON DUDE!!!

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